Color, Majesty & Tradition

The roots of Chinese New Year in Los Angeles can be traced back to the 19th century when Chinese immigrants first arrived. Facing challenges and discrimination, these pioneers worked to maintain their cultural identity and traditions, and the Lunar New Year still serves as a significant anchor to their heritage.

As the Chinese community in Los Angeles grew and thrived, so did the colorful festivities surrounding the Chinese New Year! The annual Golden Dragon Parade, a hallmark of the celebration, debuted in the 1890s and features elaborate floats, vibrant performances, and the iconic golden dragon weaving through the streets of Chinatown, attracting locals and visitors alike.

In recent decades, Chinese New Year in Los Angeles has expanded beyond Chinatown, with festivities spreading across the city. From traditional lion and dragon dances to culinary delights and cultural exhibitions, the celebration has become integral to the multicultural mosaic that defines Los Angeles.

Photo by Declan Sun on Unsplash

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