R.T. Clown Inc. has coordinated magical evenings and special events for groups of all sizes and budgets. One of our most popular specialty acts is our professional Tarot card reader, Ginny McMath. Over the years, R.T. Clown has found that Tarot card readers are a great way to add an atmosphere of excitement and mystery to any event while also providing a great interactive and memorable experience for guests of all ages. In many cases, Tarot card reading is something many guests have never seen before.

According to R.T. Clown Inc.’s Company Director, Robin Charin, party Tarot card work is a real specialty.

“The Tarot card performance requires a gifted reader and also must possess the special talent of an entertainer. A charismatic presence, a great sense of humor, a great attitude, and the ability to engage the crowd,” said Robin. “Ginny McMath is exactly this kind of Tarot card performer.”

Ginny McMath, Professional Tarot Card Reader

Ginny has worked with R.T. Clown for 17 years, and has been a serious performer for most of her life. But when it comes to reading the Tarot cards, she loves to see the authentic smiles and feel the genuine happiness from her clients. One of the reasons Ginny is such a popular addition to parties is that she resonates positivity whenever she reads Tarot.

“When reading, I never project negativity, and I never make predictions about the three D’s: death, divorce, or diagnosis. I believe in positive energy. I try and show people how to perceive a situation in a positive light, and help them follow that path. I try to help them alter the way they look at a situation, while also promoting a positive path, the most successful path, bringing them back into your perfect flow,” said Ginny.

Ginny has performed Tarot card readings for many celebrities. Here are just a couple:

  • Marianne Williamson
  • Aerosmith band members
  • Francis Fisher
  • The Ellen Show Production Team
  • Fred Willard
  • Joanne Worley

Ginny Answers Commonly Asked Questions

Are Tarot Card Readings Appropriate for Teens?

We perform readings at parties for kids, teens, and young adults. Some great occasions that work really well for Tarot Card readings are for birthday parties, Sweet Sixteen parties, and graduation celebrations.  I have a very special approach when reading for young people that focuses on character, talents and future possibilities. By helping our young ones acknowledge their own uniqueness, I want to open up the window through which they look at themselves and their own future.

Is Including a Tarot Card Reader a good idea for Our Party?

Tarot card readings have always been popular, but it seems that lately Tarot card readings are becoming even more popular. In my experience, Tarot card readings are equally popular with both men and women, regardless of age. The truth is, no matter what other kind of entertainment you have, the Tarot card reading will almost always be the most popular event.

What does a Tarot Card Reader Need to Perform?

You need to provide each Tarot card reader a medium-sized table and 2 or 3 chairs. Three chairs, instead of just two, will allow a couple guests to get a reading together and be both seated. Chairs without arms are recommended, and I can normally decorate the table. I like to sit at the table, and as guests arrive, they spot me sitting, and their interest is piqued. Sometimes guests run right up to me and get a reading, others people like to wait a little to get their nerves up. Either way, everyone loves my Tarot readings, and everyone will remember the experience with fondness.

How long are the readings?

In a large party situation, I keep the readings short, light and positive, usually about six minutes per person. This gives everyone else a chance to try, to get a taste of Tarot! I tell the truth of what I see in the cards, but I always leave guests feeling happy and uplifted combined with a good story! If you are planning a smaller, more intimate gathering, I can do longer reads which allows for more depth and insight.

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