Fall has a way of attracting entertainment. For example, each autumn you can count on events like the World Series, new network television shows, and lots of Halloween parties. To help you organize your next Halloween bash, R.T. Clown Inc., a leading event planning company in Manhattan Beach, is providing three great ideas to help make your next Halloween event frighteningly awesome.

It All Starts With a Good Invitation

Any event worth attending will almost always be announced through an invitation. Obviously invitations provide potential guests pertinent facts as where, what time, what to wear, and whether or not guests are expected to bring anything. However, a good invitation can also set the mood, and create excitement among your guests for something very special. Halloween invitations can be especially creative because they can be made from simple, black cutout bats, witches, and ghosts.

Set the Stage with Halloween Décor

Nothing says “party” like a room totally decked out with thematic decorations. Again, Halloween is a great occasion to “get your decorating on.” Decorations can run the gambit from dangling spiders to carved pumpkins and bat stenciled tablecloths. With a little research and just a bit of imagination, creating Halloween-themed decorations can relatively easy to make and positively limitless in reach.

TIP: One of our favorite ideas to make great fake spider cobwebs is to take some cotton bunting simply rip it apart and start stretching it in any direction you want. It looks authentic and always gets at least one scream!

Don’t Leave Home Without A Costume!

R.T. Clown Inc. has been creating Halloween events for more than three decades, so we know a thing or two about costumes. There are two general strategies when addressing the costume question: should I make my own costume or should I buy a costume. As one of the most successful Halloween event planning companies in Southern California, R.T. Clown Inc. has tons of costumes and themed character outfits on hand for any Halloween event. However, we also like a great homemade costume as well! Three of our favorite homemade costume ideas include:

  1. Wind-Up Doll

Just take your favorite baby doll-like dress and thigh-high socks, and some dramatic makeup. Add a large ribbon in your hair, and make a big cardboard key to attach to your back. The key to pull this costume off is to walk mechanically.

  1. Big Box Present

This is an easy one. Take a big cardboard box and cut holes out for your arms. Wrap it with some festive paper, add a ribbon, and you big gift as your costume.

  1. Bat

Bats are always a great Halloween costume. You can make the wings out of an old umbrella and then find a black outfit.

Consider incorporating an award for the best costume or the scariest costume. It is not only a great way to acknowledge great costumes, it also lets your guests know getting dressed up in character will be a serious component to your party.

Send Them Home with Goody Bags

Just like invitations start the Halloween party event off correctly, sending your guests home for the night with small goody bag can be one of the best ways to thank them for coming and to present something as a reminder of the event. The best bags are also Halloween themed, and filled with candy or small toys.

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