Great event planning involves much more than organizing the music, finding a decent venue, and making sure the food is hot. Expert event planners like Manhattan Beach’s  R.T. Clown Inc.understand that planning and producing great corporate or private events is an art that involves perfect coordination and a sharp eye for detail, but can ensure your event will be unique, memorable and a work of art.

R.T. Clown Inc. has been producing entertaining and memorable events throughout Southern California for more than three decades. The company has produced more than 35,000 events for all kinds of clients, including Barbara Streisand, Westfield Shopping Malls, The Jonathan Club, and United Airlines.

“It really doesn’t matter what kind of event our clients want, our expert event team is very serious about creating fun, and ensuring our clients have a memorable experience,” said Robin Charin, President of R.T. Clown Inc.

To help people plan their next event, Robin provided three great tips that anyone to follow who is considering planning a birthday party, corporate gathering, or classic holiday event.

Three Tips for Creating Great Corporate or Private Events

Make an experience that guests will remember

Remember, the best events successfully convert something typical into a very memorable experience. Robin focuses on grabbing the attention of her guests the second they walk into a room or onto a property. She emphasizes that one of the best ways to grab someone’s attention is to leverage the senses – especially sight. This can be done by meeting people with immediate smiles or visual movements by costumed entertainers. Using sound or even smells can also quickly engage guests through the senses, capturing the moment of the occasion while also creating a lasting memory.

Pick a Great theme

Choosing a theme is one of the best ways to make your special event memorable and entertaining. Whether it’s a family or company picnic, holiday party, corporate function, or private party, establishing a theme can create a memorable affair.

“R.T. Clown has access to more than 300 different professional actors or performers to help us establish a fun and memorable theme,” said Robin.

These talented entertainers can transform any event into a dynamic affair through improvised and well-rehearsed personas that embody fortune tellers, famous Disney characters, or real bearded Santa Clauses.  Other themed performers can include fire eaters, trick ropers, or candy sculptors.

Make Sure You Hire an Event Planning Professional

A professional event planning company will ensure your event comes off without a hitch while also eliminating headaches for the host. However, even more important than coordinating and eliminating stress, a professional event management company will also provide the expertise and resources required to make your next event customized and visually entertaining.

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