It is simple, really. Grab a sheet, a few chairs, and a picnic basket and let’s go! So from the kitchen, you want to grab: bottles of water and juice, plenty of grapes, some watermelon slices, blueberries, and a mango or two, turkey sandwiches and a bag of chips. Simple. Delicious. Refreshing.

For the kids, throw in some Goldfish, pretzels, and wafers. That especially keeps babies content. And that’s a good thing because a happy toddler is good for all.

Throw in some fresh brownies or cookies that are baked from the night before, and you and friends or family have the makings for a great picnic lunch in your favorite place – on the beach!

Depending on the temperatures don’t forget to grab an umbrella so you have some shade for the cooler items in your picnic and its a great way to make sure you do not burn under the sun after a few hours if there is no shade.

When your done, be very careful and clean up after yourselves. You dont want to endanger any sea life with any single use plastics or debris that could get into the water. We certainly would not want to trash such a beautiful place we live!

Enjoy the weather with a picnic at your favorite beach spot! Just watch out for those seagulls. They will try to enjoy your lunch, too!

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