As of February 11th, 2018, R.T. Clown, Inc. has been in business for 33 Years providing party planning and entertainment services throughout Los Angeles and Orange County. Robin Charin, CEO of R.T.Clown, Inc., has built the company from kids parties to corporate events to seasonal holiday party planning.

Background Story:

The success of the company has been built through determination, tenacity, and connections. Robin started R.T. Clown back in 1985 with the motivation being poverty. Knowing she had nothing to lose she started with a loan that she borrowed from her father of $1,000 to buy a costume and basic supplies for kids parties. From then on she slowly but surely built her connections with large corporate companies and country clubs for corporate events and seasonal entertainment like real-bearded Santa’s. Along the way she provided work to starving artists, heavily involved in the Actor’s fund, and built a team to sustain its repeated business.

Let’s look at the evolution timeline that R.T. Clown, Inc has grown to be:

2018: Riding the Seasonal Waves

Robin knows her business inside out. January is usually a slow start but now is in full gear for the next biggest season for R.T. Clown: Easter! Currently, she is booking Easter Bunnies and Irish Dancers. Also, she has started booking early for the pre-school summer shows.

2000-2017: Corporate / Seasonal Party Planning

Each year since the early 2000’s, R.T. Clown has increased its business through repeat business with the pre-schools, country clubs, and hotels. They continue to work with Robin for providing great service and spectacular performers. On the other hand, kid’s parties have become more segmented into niche areas which have slowly become a smaller part of the business. Robin adapted to these changes early on to build a corporate/seasonal business model that still provides great family entertainment.
1990-1999: Making Connections Work

During this time Robin built her small team and started connecting with the small to large corporate companies in the area of Los Angeles and Orange County. With enough hustle and determination, she landed her first large corporate picnic in 1990. Soon after she built connections with the hotels and country clubs to promote seasonal costume characters, then along came Santa. Around 1993 she stumbled across the schools and connected with influencers that landed the company to the summer school programs.
1985 – 1989: Humble Beginnings

Now we return back to 1985 where all the magic started. Again Robin’s motivation was poverty and not to be poor. She started R.T. Clown, Inc. (Robin, the Clown) and was highly focused on kids birthday parties. Robin did anywhere from 5 to 8 parties on the weekend as a costume character and clown. Along the way, she was connected with other actors who were looking for jobs and gigs to do and hired them. After each successful party, she adds more entertainment services and diversified her offering. It all started with an idea and a passion and hitting well over 35,000 successful events in the last 30+ years.

That’s what we call a party that never ends.

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  • Irish Dancers
  • Pre-School Summer Shows
  • Costume Characters
  • Kids Parties
  • Specialty Acts
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