It’s official, the groundhog did, in fact, see his shadow today and that means another six weeks of winter. Against those odds, this doesn’t stop the next season that is around the corner: EASTER! R.T. Clown Inc. has been planning and executing Easter parties full of Easter Bunnies since day one, 33 years ago to be exact. To help you pick out a great Easter Bunny this year, let us help you learn about our costume bunnies their Easter skills.

A Talking Bunny?   

Yes, aside from Bug Bunny, our Easter bunnies talk and tell stories! (Unless specially told not to talk). Contrary to most Easter bunnies you have seen at malls or gatherings, or bunnies are not silent. The reason is they make children get excited and believe in the Easter Bunny. Often when we see other Easter bunnies that only take pictures and silent, there is not only a disconnect of emotions with children, they are just plain boring. Just like our real-bearded Santa Clauses in December, our Easter Bunnies connect with kids telling stories about their adventures with Santa’s Elves and how they help them make the Easter eggs they find. It is so magical to see the children’s eyes light up with joy as the experience of Easter is more than just a day for egg hunting.

Hoppity, Hop, Hop!

Wearing a costume Easter Bunny isn’t always easy to handle as it can get very hot to wear for our costume characters on warm days. This, however, does not stop them from hopping around and helping children find their Easter Eggs. Our bunnies even get the children to participate in the Bunny Hop song! Children would line up behind the bunny and then they would be instructed to hop along with the song. It is a fun and adorable sight for anyone.
Entertaining and Presentable for any size group!

Often our Easter Bunnies are requested for private parties but they are able to adapt to any size group from corporate parties, clubs, and restaurants. Some of our bunnies can even balloon twist which is really exciting for the kids to keep aside from Easter eggs. Due to the popularity of our Easter Bunnies, the costumes are kept in tip-top shape for an elegant presentation. When they appear at events, they make great children and family photos. So in recap, our bunnies, talk, hop, sing, balloon twist, take pictures and do Easter egg hunts. Now that’s entertaining.

For more details on booking an Easter Bunny, be sure to check out this link.

Hurry before they all hop away!

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