Some children’s birthday parties are like planning the ring-ling brothers to perform. But the truth is, kids are very happy with a cool and simple party, as long as they have entertainment and good food. If you follow these 7 tips, you will throw a party that will be fun for everyone, even the adults. Involve Your Child in the Party Planning Your child should help choose his or her party’s theme and activities and can even help with choosing their favorite foods. Choose a Flowing Theme Once the theme has been chosen, make it appear through-out the party. For instance, a trip to the dinosaur museum could include dinosaur-shaped invitations, artifact-themed goody bags, and name tags attached to fossil-shaped cookies. Keep It Organized and Timed For a kid’s party two hours is plenty of time. Arrival to departure keep the children entertained; the main event should begin as soon as most of the guests have arrived. Planning Appropriate Activities Stick with familiar games, such as water balloon toss, or perhaps plan a treasure hunt. Kids over 5 years old will need more entertainment: Consider hiring a magician or live action superhero or sweet Disney princess or plan a trip to a nearby bowling alley. Keep the Food Simple and Fun Finger food is a great way to go; you don’t need accidents with silverware. If your party has a specific theme, work that theme into the food, whether with creative naming (for a prehistoric-themed party, deviled eggs become dinosaur eggs). Birthday-Cake & Gifts Once the cake is cut, serve younger children first, since they’re most in need of instant gratification. Now after cake its time to For younger children, it’s safest to wait until the party’s over. For older kids unless the sheer number of presents makes it impractical, opening gifts just before the end of the party can be a nice way to wrap up the day’s entertainment. Sending out the Goody Bags Some ideas can include healthy snacks, stickers, small toys, and containers of bubbles in the goody bags. For creative containers, use Chinese-food takeout cartons, small flowerpots or baskets, or paper bags threaded and tied with ribbon at the top. There you have it, 7 simple ways to prepare yourself for a successful birthday party.
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