Halloween parties don’t always have to include the classic scary or ghostly themes. Sometimes you can take an event like Halloween and turn it into something different – something distinct. For example, recently R.T. Clown Inc., a leading event planning company that specializes in entertainment-themed parties, took a traditional Halloween party, and punctuated it with a Casino theme.

“The client wanted something different than the typical Halloween party filled with ghosts and goblins. So we turned it into a ‘Casino Night’, but also added a little mystical twist,” said Robin Charin, CEO of R.T. Clown Inc.

Robin’s Manhattan Beach based firm has successfully coordinated more than 35,000 events since she founded her company in 1985. With a roster full of more than 200 professional entertainers and actors to call on, Robin can create an event for just about every occasion. R.T. Clown Inc. can provide magicians, musicians, jugglers, unicyclists, caricaturists, psychics, animal acts, and fire eaters.

Authentic Vegas Tables, Dealers and Psychic

In order to create a Halloween party wrapped inside a Casino night, Robin arranged to have authentic Las Vegas gaming tables to be delivered to the private residence. Then she organized two professionally trained card dealers to run the tables and deal the cards with expert dexterity.

“We thought the party theme worked well, but we wanted to ‘kick it up a notch’, so we also recommended a professional tarot card reader to add a little mystical spirit and intrigue,” said Robin.

The professional actor that was used provided tarot card readings, crystal ball translations, palm readings, and numerology chart deciphering.

Caricature as the Coup de Grâce

Robin’s final twist, or “coup de grâce” was the addition of a caricaturist. These unique artists can quickly draw a caricature that reveals the features of each person in a simplified or exaggerated way.

“The event was a huge success and the client was thrilled how creative R.T. Clown Inc. was at taking a traditional event like Halloween and turn it on its ear!,” said Robin.

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