R.T. Clown has been a leading Southern California event production company since 1985, and since then, has successfully planned, coordinated, and produced more than 35,000 special events ranging from corporate holiday events to large children’s parties. So it’s safe to say that we know how complicated organizing special events can be.  To help you get it right, R.T. Clown Inc. insists on following these four important tips next time you are at the center of organizing a special event.

TIP #1: Hire A Company With Organizational Skills and Passion for Event Planning

Event planning requires a real love for meticulous organization and passion for making people smile! There is nothing worse than having an event appear disorganized and even worse, people with bad attitudes in charge. Therefore, we recommend that you look for an event planning company that is passionate about what they do. You can see this passion by interviewing the event production company, talking to them on the phone, or even reviewing a portfolio or photographic evidence of previous successful events.

TIP #2: Hire a Company that is Flexible and Resourceful 

There is nothing better than a well-organized event management firm. Making sure you hire a firm that knows how to nail down details and create a tight timeline is essential. However, no matter how organized an event planning firm is, unexpected situations will always arise. The famous Murphy’s Law states that things will go wrong at some point, so hiring an event management firm that has great flexibility to respond to adverse situations. So when you are interviewing a potential event management company to organize your next event, make sure you ask them to discuss a previous client or an event where they had to perform under pressure, and had to adapt to difficult or unforeseen events.

TIP #3: How to Find a Qualified Event Planning Company

One of the best ways to hire an event planner is to research the company, with special attention to community reputation and length of time in business. R.T. Clown, for example has been in business for more than 30 years, and has an outstanding reputation among performers, clients, and businesses throughout Southern California.

TIP #4:Always Meet Your Event Planner in Person if Possible

While it may not always possible to meet a potential event planner in person, it can be an important key to creating a successful event, whether a holiday party or special children’s event. There’s something very powerful about creating a rapport with an event planner, and listening to their ideas. By meeting them in person, you can also get a sense of their passion and professionalism as well.

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