Ideas to Help You Create the Perfect Holiday Party

R.T. Clown Inc. has been creating, coordinating, and executing holiday corporate events for nearly three decades. Throughout all those years, Robin Charin, CEO of R.T. Clown Inc. has created nearly every kind of holiday event imaginable. Her clients include some of Southern California’s most prestigious organizations: the Center Club of Orange County, Yorba Linda Country Club, Beverly Hills Bentley, and the Westfield Shopping Mall Group.

“Sometimes planning a holiday party can be challenging because there are so many different ideas to explore. Santa’s are great, but there are other things you can do as well,” said Robin. “That’s where R.T. Clown Inc. comes into the picture. We can provide just about any kind of party or corporate event you need during the holidays.”

So, if you need to plan an event for this holiday season, and your head is spinning with confusion, consider these strategies:

When Networking and Mingling are the Priority:

If networking is the main reason for your event, Robin recommends first selecting a space that’s large enough for your group to move around comfortably without having to fight your way through a crowd, and relaxed and engaging, if possible. When networking and mixing are the goal, a traditional cocktail party will do the job, but you can also take it to another level by getting a little bit creative.

International Juggler

One great way to generate interactivity among your guests is to add a live performance to the evening. R.T. Clown has been providing live performances since 1985, and has a roster of Southern California’s greatest professional performers. For example, R.T. Clown uses an internationally famous juggler as a way to add something special to any holiday party. This juggler been featured on The Tonight Show with Conan O’Brien, Hell’s Kitchen on FOX, and the MTV Movie Awards. The act is a great combination of juggling, plate spinning, and comedic antics.

“Clients of all ages love this act,” said Robin.

Amazing Acrobat

Robin also has had great success incorporating a unique, circus style acrobatic act that includes Tight Rope walking and Trapeze flying stunts. The vision of seeing a professional acrobatic body flying through the air with perfect timing and balance always generates immediate conversation among guests during any holiday event.

When Employee Recognition is the Priority:

Sometimes holiday parties are used to simply provide employees a well-deserved pat on the back and lighthearted entertainment. In that case, you will want to think along the line of something a bit more laid back, with the main objective being for your employees to have fun. Here are two quick ideas that R.T. Clown Inc. has used to generate great events during holidays and throughout the year.

Tarot Card Reading

Interactive experiences are always a good option to get employees laughing and bonding. For example, R.T. Clown Inc. loves to use Tarot Card readings which are very interesting and fun. This act is great because it’s interactive, and allows guests to reveal lighthearted insights about themselves that can be shared among other party guests.

Private Comedy Show

Another option? Let them sit back and be entertained with laughter and magic. R.T. Clown Inc. works with professional magicians, and members of the famous Magic Castle in Hollywood. All of R.T. Clown Inc.’s magic acts are excellent examples of professional slide-of-hand and optical illusion techniques.

“The main thing is that all of our performers do a good job of connecting with audiences, and provide any holiday event a layer of entertainment,” said Robin.

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