Have you started working on your new year revolution for 2023 yet? It is the beginning of the year, and this year we know many adventures are waiting for R.T. Clown! We are thankful for all the events we were able to be part of in 2022. R.T. Clown hosted more than 350 events in 2022, which included company picnics, Kids’ parties, school programs, holiday parties, and special acts performances. R.T. Clown is a small business that provides performers for our customers’ events. Not only do we distribute our skilled entertainers, but we can also provide party amenities such as a bounce house, group buffet, popcorn maker, etc.

Company Pick Nick:

We communicate with our clients and discuss the theme for their company picks nicks. We do get a lot of teams building games that children enjoy. R.T. Clown had hosted company pic nick events for United Airlines, Los Angeles Airport Hilton, Minolta USA, and many more companies.

School Programs:

Children have the most creative mind, and we love being part of their discoveries and adventures. Providing our children to experience and learn about subjects will help them open lots of opportunities in their life. Our school programs provide Irish and Hula dance camps, science camps, African drams camps, petting zoo camps, sports camps, Dino camps, and many more. We received positive reviews from the schools and children that they learn something new. R.T. Clown works with more than 200 kindergarten and elementary schools in Southern California.

Kids Parties:

It is heartwarming when a child reacts to the dream party. Their facial expression changes throughout the entire party: Surprised, shocked, and a big smile. We provide “THAT” service to see their happiness!

Holidays Parties/ Special Acts

Performers: Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas party you name it! No events are too early to plan. Want to make your holiday event special this year? Let us talk about what your vision is. For the last 38years, we hear our clients’ voices and bring the service they ask for. How to make your holiday event special? Well, let me ask what kind of service/ entertainer you are looking for. R.T. Clown has a list of talented entertainers who have unique yet remarkable skills.

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