Five Great Ideas to Foster TGIF in Your Office

R.T. Clown Inc. is one of Southern California’s leading event and party planning firms, specializing in creating, organizing, and executing unique and entertainment-themed events for all kinds of businesses and organizations. That’s right, working at R.T. Clown Inc., means you work hard, but it also means you play hard too. That’s why we love Friday’s around here, and that’s why we thought we’d share five great ways to kick up your TGIF office environment.

Idea #1: Fishbowl Friday Contest:

The rules for this TGIF idea are simple: put everyone’s name into a fishbowl, then pull out someone’s name at random. The chosen name gets to escape the office one hour early on Friday afternoon. Make sure you do this regularly so that everyone will eventually win.

Idea #2: The Ugly Hawaiian Shirt Contest:

The rules for this TGIF event are also pretty simple: create a contest to see who can find and wear the ugliest or tackiest Hawaiian shirt. The winner receives a gift card for coffer or the local sandwich shop.

Idea #3: Monthly Happy Hour Gathering:

Nothing says “TGIF” like margaritas and appetizers! Try sending out a memo to everyone in the office inviting them to a weekly or monthly happy hour at a local establishment. Events like this are great for building morale and encouraging employees to form connections outside of the workplace.

Idea #4: Team Lemonade Stand Contest:

The classic lemonade stand on the corner is the epitome of entrepreneurship, right? So organize a contest in your office where each department or team organizes, presents, and markets their version of the lemonade stand in the office. You can expand the idea beyond just selling lemonade – like selling advice, selling jokes, selling greeting cards, or whatever each team wants to sell. The team that creates the most unique approach to marketing and selling, wins.

Idea #5: Employee Appreciation Day:

Every Friday afternoon, during lunch, hold a simple and quick employee appreciation period where one or more employees are honored for their good work. This is a simple, and effective way to acknowledge employees, and you can even include a certificate, a catered lunch, or other token of appreciation.

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