Easter as celebrated today is rich with tradition.

∞ Easter was named after Anglo-Saxon goddess Eostre, according to 8th century English monk Venerable Bede.
∞ The first story of a rabbit hiding eggs in a garden was published in 1680. This rabbit was later named the “Easter Bunny.”
∞ The tradition of egg decoration was brought to the U.S. by Ukrainian immigrants.
∞ The tradition of buying new outfits for Easter began in mid-1800s New York. It was believed to bring good luck for the coming year.
∞ The white lily (now known as the “Easter Lily”), representing grace and purity, is the official flower of Easter.
∞ President Rutherford B. Hayes began the White House front lawn Easter Egg Roll tradition in 1878.
∞ 76% of Americans bite the ears off of a chocolate bunny first!

Have a Wonderful Easter from R.T. Clown!

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