If you live in the South Bay, then you definitely need a beach life guide. Beach weather is pretty much all year round, but it’s those summer months that you should really be prepared for. There are three essential items you’ll need for a fun and successful beach day.

1. Things to keep you cool and dry. The obvious ones are towels and umbrellas, although most people forget about wearing a hat. Keeping the blazing sun off of your face is a huge factor in staying cool and protecting your skin.

2. Food and Beverages. For long hours on the beach, you’ll definitely need to stay hydrated. Plus the sun, wind and sand tend to drain you which is where the food comes in. (Don’t forget the cooler!)

3.  Chairs, chairs, chairs. For a comfortable and relaxing day at the beach, make sure you bring some beach chairs. They will also help keep you cool and dry as well.

So get your summer beach days in while you can and don’t forget your beach life guidelines! rtclown.com

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