Hello! Let me introduce myself. Of course, you probably recognize me! Yes, that’s right, it’s your favorite Bunny, THE EASTER BUNNY!!!

Yesterday was a fabulous day! The Los Angeles Zoo gave R.T. Clownhttps://rtclown.com/specialty-acts/ a call and asked for me! I am very popular this time of year. Yeah, I’m the Big Bunny that hops around and delivers eggs on Easter Sunday, but I also have a lot of other gigs promoting the big day! And today, I got to be at my favorite place in L.A., The Los Angeles Zoo! I love everything about the L.A. Zoo! The animals are so well cared for and the whole place has a happy, positive vibe. The perfect place to come on Easter Sunday! http://www.lazoo.org/bigbunny/

Get your Big Bunny On and Go On Over!

My great friends at R.T. Clown, rtclown.com sent me to the Los Angeles Zoo to be interviewed by channel 11 (KTTV) and I AM So Happy they did!!!! I LOVED It! Thanks, R.T.Clown! You ARE the Easter Bunny people!

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