So you volunteered to host the grand New Year’s Party and excited to make it a memorable event for everyone. Like the old adage “It’s all fun and games, until someone gets hurt.” Throwing a New Year’s Eve Party is no different. Alcoholic drinks at a New Year’s Eve party is inevitable so it is important to be safe than sorry. Here at R.T. Clown, Inc. we have been running entertainment services for over 30 years. If you are hosting an event where there will be alcoholic drinks, be sure to follow these tips safe New Year’s Eve Party.

1) Set an Early Party Time

Set your New Year’s party around 5PM or 6PM as opposed to 8PM and later. The highest rate of accidents on the road are between 8PM to 2AM due to drunk and crazy drivers. Having an earlier time will ensure your guests arrive with enough time to relax.

2) Hide the Keys or Hire a Driver

When your guests arrive and they plan on drinking, be sure to kindly ask to take their keys. This way they are not tempted to drink and drive. To be on the safer side, hire a driver for the night that way you and your guests will feel at ease about returning home.

3) Be a Responsible Host

Of course as the Host, you want to have fun as well. It is very sad however, to see a host get extremely drunk and passed out before the party has ended. Not only will you feel embarrassed as a host the next day, you will feel horrible starting the New Year on the wrong foot. In other words, moderate how much you drink with your guests and let them know in advance that you are there to keep them safe. By doing so, your guests will respect you and be understanding enough to not jeopardize the work you put to organize everything.

4) Food, Food and More Food

Only having drinks at a New Year’s Party is not wise but also dangerous. Without food, guests will become intoxicated more quickly. They may even be tempted to leave the party early to find something to eat. This is extremely not safe practice for any event. Remember to provide food for your guests and offer it as the first thing on the agenda before handing out any alcoholic beverages. You don’t have to provide all the food if you’re on a tight budget. You can have a potluck style where your guests can bring a single food item to share. Alternatively, you can also set a small cover charge of 5 to 10 dollars and let your guests know that it is to cover all the food and drink expenses.

5) Warn about Social Sharing

It is 2017 and more than ever people are sharing everything on Social Media. To ensure your guests safety, it is best to ask them to “Turn off Location Services” or even post pictures/videos the next day. The reason is there are weird people who may want to break into an empty home or crash a party uninvited.

In a nutshell, to host a great New Year’s Party is to have preventative measures that will ensure the safety of your guests (internally and externally) This doesn’t mean you have be a mother hen who has to monitor every little activity on New Year’s Eve. Just having a set of rules and boundaries is enough to throw an awesome party into the New Year.

Have a Happy and Safe New Years!

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