Are you in need of assistance to plan your company’s annual holiday party this year? We are the best Santa People here at R.T. Clown inc, and we can help. We provide the best Real Bearded Santa’s, Holiday characters, and entertainment in Southern California for over 35 years, but we do also specialize in Holiday Event Planning. Here are 5 tips you can use to make your next Company Holiday Party incredibly fun, memorable, and above all stress-free!

TIP #1: Create a “budget” and check it twice. 

When planning for a company holiday party you want to address the elephant in the room. This usually is the budget. Knowing how much your budget is will determine the rest of the event.

Some basic guidelines to establish a reasonable budget would be:

  • How many people will be attending?
  • When is the event?
  • Where will the event take place?
  • What kind of entertainment will be provided?

These four questions are great variables in creating a budget because they can be easily identified with specific numbers. For instance, if you know how many people are attending the event you can plan out the cost of food, venue, entertainment, etc.

TIP #2: Picking an appropriate Venue

For a sizeable group of over 50 people, you will want to choose the appropriate venue to accommodate everyone.

Here are some of our top places local to Los Angeles for Company Events.

1) Queen Mary, Long Beach (

2) Ritz Carlton, Marina Del Rey (

3) Four Season, Beverly Hills (

Note: When booking any venue, make sure you have everything in writing to avoid double booking, disagreements over terms, and any misunderstandings. Also if your budget permits, let the professionals of the venue handle the catering.

TIP #3: Promote the Event 

Not all company events are mandatory so to ensure the best turnout, a little bit of promotion can go a long way. With the help of social media nowadays, you can send out creative, simple flyers or a mass email to generate interest.


Essentials for perfect invite (photo, date, time, location, & call-to-action)

TIP #4: Determine the Guest List 

It is important to determine who is ABLE to come to the company holiday party to avoid confusion.

The common ones to ask are:

  • Is the event only for adults?
  • Are friends or family members invited?
  • Can parents bring their children?

Knowing who is able to come will help you quickly decide on the overall theme of the event so it is catered specifically to your guests.

TIP #5: No Entertainment = Boring Party


What is the fun of throwing a company party if there is no entertainment? Having entertainment will enhance the success of your company party and your guests’ excitement level. This part shouldn’t be hard to do or plan. Even simply hiring a DJ, or a Live Band to play music while people dance the night away is enough to make everyone get off their feet. Of course if you want to take it to the next level, hiring professional entertainment would be ideal.

At R.T. Clown, we have thrown hundreds of successful Company Holiday Parties over the years that included specialty acts such as, Mimes, Magicians, & Dancers as well as Holiday Characters for children. Check out the Company Party we did for OSI Systems back in 2013:

What entertainment do you have planned for your next event? Let us know if we can help 310.756.2250.


Happy Holidays!

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