It’s Christmas time which means holiday fun and joy for everyone. R.T. Clown, Inc. specializes in both corporate and private parties since 1985 and now celebrating 33 years of holiday entertainment. If you are planning a private party this year for your cute little loves one, here are 3 of our favorite ideas to make your next Christmas Kid Party a smashing success.

1) The Gingerbread House Making Challenge

You cannot go wrong with making Gingerbread Houses at a kid’s party. It’s purely fun and easy to do. Buy a set of ginger bread or graham crackers, icing, and an array of candy. For setup, divide the supplies on a table and have kids work in teams of 2 or 3. Challenge the kids to finish within an hour then test their creativity by having parent judges decide on the best gingerbread house. As an added bonus, you can take pictures and post the gingerbread houses on social media and see who gets the most likes.

2) Fun Christmas Games   

If you have a large group and looking for Christmas games to play, try these:

– Know that Christmas Tune – Have a Christmas playlist ready. Split kids into two teams. The person in the front of each line will receive a buzzard to declare an answer. Best kinds of buzzers are jingle bells or balloons to pop. Simply play a Christmas tune and whichever team answers first gets the point. If it ends in a tie, have one member of each team play the lyric challenge. Play a Christmas song and pause. To win the player who can name the next word in the lyric wins.

– Paper Plate Game – Pass out paper plates and each kid receives a crayon. Next they place the paper plate on their heads and have to draw without looking while one spokesman read out instructions to draw. For example: Draw a line, Draw a Christmas Tree, Draw a Star on top of the tree. Afterwards, everyone takes their plate off their head and reviews the drawings. Really funny and fun to see.

– Pin the Nose on Rudolf – This is just like pin the donkey. Easily google Rudolf and print a large size of him and have kids try to pin his red nose on.

3) Hire a Santa or Holiday Character

Of course we saved the best for last. Here at R.T. Clown, Inc., we have Santa, Mrs. Santa, Rudolf the Red Nose Reindeer, Frosty the Snowman and many more Holiday Characters for hire. With over 35,000 successful events, Our Holiday Characters are professional entertainers and create memorable experiences for both kids and families. The magic is in the presentation. Our entertainers look great on camera, pass out gifts, and share stories that are believable and joyful. Book Santa himself or a Holiday Character now to make your next kids party a fun one. 310.376.2250.

Happy Holidays!

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