How to Write to Santa This Year!

These days we may be able to send Santa our Christmas wish list by email or even tag him on social media, but a fun family project may be to write Santa a good, old-fashioned letter! Here are some options for where to drop that letter off to Santa. (Be sure to call before to confirm that Santa’s collection boxes are functional and ready to receive letters!)

Macy’s: Macy’s has forever provided special holiday forwarding services for letters to Santa via their beautiful red mail collection boxes at their stores. Be sure to take photos of this moment!

Theme Parks: Theme parks like Disneyland and Universal CityWalk often have special mailboxes where kids can drop their letters to Santa. You can make that part of an awesome day there too!

Malls, Shopping Centers, Specialty Shops, Toy Stores: Places like these make it convenient for kids to drop off their letters to get to Santa.

Public Libraries & Community Centers: Many of these places set up designated areas or mailboxes for Santa letters.

Santa’s Village or Winter Wonderland Attractions: Check for holiday events in your community, as they sometimes feature Santa-themed activities and collection boxes where kids can drop off their letters.

U.S. Postal Service: Of course! U.S.P.S. Operation Santa is over 100 years old! The exact steps to follow are at the USPS website (and naturally, a stamp is required). If your child sends a letter to Santa this way by December 10, there’s a good chance they’ll get a personalized response back from Santa himself! It will be postmarked from Santa’s helpers near Anchorage, Alaska (the closest place you can get to the North Pole in the U.S. Here’s the address:

Santa Claus
123 Elf Road
North Pole, 88888

Santa Claus Village in Rovaniemi, Lapland, Finland: This Village is super close to the North Pole and has a special post office that receives letters from children all over the world. The official address to send letters to Santa internationally is:

Santa Claus
Santa Claus Main Post Office
Tähtikuja 1, 96930 Arctic Circle
Rovaniemi, Lapland, FINLAND

This Post Office in Rovaniemi is well-known for handling letters to Santa, and they often respond to many of the letters they receive if given a return address. Plus, letters sent from this address often receive a special Arctic Circle postmark! For extra fun, be sure to visit your local post office to get a special air mail postage stamp!

The whole family can enjoy this unique holiday tradition. For loving grownups who would like to help Santa with gift selection, wrapping and distribution, visit:

Whatever you do, be sure to mail early!
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