The Importance of a Good Checklist for Your Next Holiday Party

The Importance of a Good Checklist for Your Next Holiday Party

The Importance of a Good Checklist for Your Next Holiday Party

Let’s face it, there are checklists for just about everything. But you know why these memory nudging lists are so important? They are important because they work! A good checklist works because it can save time, improve efficiency, and minimize mistakes.  Another good thing about checklists is that, hidden within each one is a written trail of accountability. This can be an important thing when trying to dissect a problem, and determine how to avoid it in the future. Good checklists also serve as diaries that provide detailed and customized information, for anyone to review at a later date. Three of the most common checklists include the Personal Checklist, Revolving Checklist, and Priority Checklist.

Personal Checklists:

Personal Checklists are great for personal accomplishments that are tracked over a period of time. These personal lists keep track of anything from dieting to exercise on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. A personal checklist also keeps you organized throughout the day while also providing consistency.

Revolving Checklists:

Revolving checklists keep track of items that need to be completed over a period of time while also evolving over time. Revolving checklists are always moving, advancing toward a new hill to climb.  Revolving lists remove tasks once they are completed, and replaced with a new task, always revolving. Writers often use this kind of checklist when working on a book or novel.

Priority Checklists

Priority checklists are slightly more complicated than the simple checklist, because they also include a priority element.  Priority checklists are great for assigning and monitoring accountability. This is a perfect kind of list for event planning, where everybody can see the big game plan while simultaneously tracking individual components.

To help you plan your next holiday party, R.T. Clown Inc. has created an example of a Holiday Planning Priority Checklist to make your next event a piece of cake.

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