The Magic of Christmas – Family & Traditions

A few days left until Christmas. My name is Adrian, Social Media Support and Blogger here at R.T. Clown, Inc. December is a very busy and productive time for us in the office. The phone lines are ringing as clients request for Santa at their next event here in the Los Angeles County.

As I am writing this blog post, it got me to reflect on my own Christmas. For me, Christmas has always been a time for family. I am a Filipino-American and blessed to have a large extended family growing up. On Christmas, my relatives and cousins would all be gathered to meet in one house where we celebrated each others company with love and joy.

When my grandmother was still alive and we were all young, she was the Magic of Christmas for us.

My grandmother was like an event coordinator. She loved to theme our Christmas with a play of the “Birth of Jesus Christ.” Since we had a fairly even amount of boys and girls she would assign roles and make us practice several days before Christmas day. One year I played as one of the Three Kings who brings a gift to Mary at the stable where Jesus Christ was born. It was a lot of fun to do and a great way for us to remember the story through acting.

After the play, we would do a talent show. If there is one thing you should know about Filipino’s is that we love to sing and dance. The talents of my cousins and family members varied every year from singing, dancing, playing instruments and so on. One year when I lost my two front teeth and there was a popular song called “All I want for Christmas is my two front Teeth.” Everyone laughed because I did not have my two front teeth and it matched so well. But be careful what you wish for because later that year my wish came true. Now I have two large front teeth that make me look like Bugs Bunny.

We finally opened gifts after we have spent time with the family, filled our stomachs with food and finish the event lineup. Opening gifts last was a good tradition because it usually meant the event was coming to a close. If we opened gifts first then it would defeat the purpose of spending time with family.

Although my grandmother is no longer with us, I still celebrate my Christmas day with my family.

Thus, the Magic of Christmas goes on.

Let us know in the comments how you like to celebrate Christmas.

Wishing you Happy Holidays here from RT Clown.



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