3 ways to make your Easter Event livelier this year

3 ways to make your Easter Event livelier this year

Besides our own birthdays, each month comes with a set of holidays that get us all excited. To name a few we have New Year’s Eve, Halloween, Valentines Day and Thanksgiving. As spring comes along you can see all the supermarkets gearing up for Easter with eggs, chocolate, and Easter bunny decorations. But just like any other event, it means another day to plan and prepare. Easter is no different. You have to buy or create Easter eggs, hide the eggs, set up for family and friends, at the same time keep it a surprise from the kids. Here at R.T. Clown, Inc. we help gather three blog posts to make your Easter Event a livelier one:

1) Creating the Easter Bunny Illusion

Megan Cooley’s How to Leave Clues That the Easter Bunny Visited Your House, does a great job of sharing fun clues to make your children believe the Easter bunny came to your home before the actual day. Just like you would when your child loses a tooth we bring about the infamous tooth fairy, that if your child places the tooth under their pillow at night the Tooth Fairy will exchange it for money. Cooley shares in a similar concept to the Tooth Fairy with the Easter Bunny, by leaving cotton balls, letters from the Easter Bunny, and changing ordinary items in the home like milk to “Easter Bunny juice.” Why not try some of these ideas with your children next time to keep their imagination running.

2) Hosting the Easter Egg Hunt Party

Imagine it’s Easter day and you’re hosting the party, families show up late with their own Easter egg baskets, next the Easter egg hunt begins and all the big kids win over the little kids, finally, your left with a short-lived egg hunt and a bunch of crying children. Sounds like a nightmare doesn’t it? When hosting an Easter Egg Hunt Party at your home, a little bit of organization and preparation is enough to save you from the agony we listed above. From American Home Shield’s blog How to Host the Perfect Easter Egg Hunt, they share simple and easy ideas to create the perfect Easter Egg Party. As follows, to prevent families from coming late they recommend sending out RSVPs, for the Easter egg hunt they note on having egg hunts based on age groups, and they share a list of other activities to do on Easter when the hunt is over. As you can see, it doesn’t take much to turn your Easter into a great one.

3) Acquiring the real “Live” Easter Bunny

Of course, we saved the best for last. There is nothing livelier than having a costume Easter Bunny at your Easter event. In our blog R.T. Clown, Inc. Easter Bunny Extravaganza we share with you how our Easter Bunnies are more livelier than most Easter Bunnies you encounter at retail malls. Our Easter Bunnies can talk, hop, tell stories, sing, dance, and above all entertain. They performed at schools, private homes, and country clubs throughout Los Angeles and Orange County. Whether you hire one of our bunnies or find your own bunny costume, having an Easter Bunny costume character will make your next Easter event livelier because your kids will enjoy their company. There is something magical about having a live costume character to keep the tradition alive.

Next Steps…

Now that we have shared with you on ways to make your next Easter event more livelier, it’s time to take action. Do you wait for the chaos or do you start early? Take any of the ideas above and we hope you have a happy Easter day. We are running out of spots left in the season and we have a few Easter Bunnies waiting to hop on over. Reach out on the link here to book one of our costume Easter Bunny today for your next event.

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