3 Reasons Why Hiring Entertaining Actors Will Make Your Next Kids Party a Smashing Success!

3 Reasons Why Hiring Entertaining Actors Will Make Your Next Kids Party a Smashing Success!

The New Year has started and kids are back in school. Here at R.T. Clown Inc., one of our founding operations over the past 30 years is that we have specialized are kid’s parties. Robin, our CEO, loves human-to-human connection and wants to provide the best entertainment for her clients. Growing up with a career in acting, she is particular about hiring entertaining actors over people who just put on a costume because of the following three reasons:


Before we send any of our entertainers to a party, we always verify the size of the party and location. Of course, even once we verify, it doesn’t guarantee everything will happen the way we plan it. Sometimes more people show up more than expected or there are last minute changes to the venue. The entertainers we hire know things change all the time and are adaptable by being able to assess the situation as they arise. For example, one time, one of our actors were thrown into a curveball of more kids showing up than expected and even some them having special needs. For them, it was easy to organize the kids into groups while attending to those who needed the individual attention.


Have you ever hired a costume character and all they did was stand around for pictures? There is always excitement when a costume character arrives because it’s different. However, what happens after the hype is over, would they know what to do next? Kids can get bored very easily and if your costume character cannot entertain, then the whole experience can go downhill very quickly. Our entertainers can get into character because they are actors which keeps the kids engaged. For example, one of our Cowgirl entertainers was able to not only able to speak with a southern accent, she knew how to keep the kids engaged by doing lasso tricks. In other words, our entertainers have a lot of skills that can be showcased in an entertaining fashion instead of being a one-trick pony.


Lastly, what if the kids do not like any of the activities that the costume character provides or worse believe they are not real? The good news is our entertaining actors know how to improvise. Many of them create activities on the spot and are great at telling stories. Again, there is a huge difference between a person putting in a Super Man costume and saying he is Super Man and an actor who plays as Super Man and starts telling all his wonderful adventures as a superhero. Additionally, our entertainers improvise with activities that get kids to play, have fun, and doing lots of physical activities. This normally breaks the ice when kids who are hesitant to trust a costume character and start to become a believer by the end of the event.

In conclusion, entertainment should be held with a sense of professionalism for any party, not only kids parties. It is better to pay a bit more for an experience over a simple show up because of its worth both the hassle and disappointment of not hiring the best entertainment. Head on over to our kid’s parties section to learn how you can have one of our entertaining actors at your next kid’s party.

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