To break up the day sometimes we break out the old volleyball net and play a quick round of volleyball!

Practicing our bubble routine on a beautiful sunny day!

Sometimes we just like to put on wigs and goat costumes.

We are a little crazy, but with all of these costumes and wigs who wouldn’t play





Today Christopher was on cleanup duty.

Frisco our pet squirrel had babies.

And She’s very hungry all of the time.

She had multiple feedings.

She’s a messy, messy girl!



Today our wig heads patiently wait

for newly combed and brushed wigs.

You can’t see it but they are smiling!

Favorite time/times of day? Feeding Frisco and her 2 babies.

Frisco is teaching them to climb the screen.

Yeah, it’s begging. But, we’re suckers and go for it every time.

Just training our Squirrel Frisco! That’s what we’re doing in the office today!

More training for Frisco and her baby.

She’s up to my waist.

We’re trying to get her to go on top of my head!

Working on Skeleton Butts!