Every Party Needs Great Music. Here Are Four Tips for Creating the Perfect Party Playlist

Hans Christian Anderson, the prolific Danish author, once wrote, “Where words fail, music speaks.” No situation illustrates this better than a dull, uninspired party with no music. You know, those parties where no one is talking and there dark cloud hanging over the guacamole and chips. That’s why R.T. Clown Inc. always recommends having a great party playlist for any party. A good music playlist can kick start even the deadest of parties. So for you next party, make sure you apply these four strategies when putting together a good playlist:

Tip #1: Set the Appropriate Mood:

Let’s face it, a cocktail party with tinkling martini glasses and quiet chatter is a totally different environment than a housewarming party for a newlywed couple; similarly, a bachelor bash is completely different than a birthday party for a three year-old. The point is, every party has a unique energy, and this energy is almost always generated by the personalities of the crowd. Music can highlight or alter any mood of any party. So, when you are preparing a party playlist, the first thing you should highlight is what kind of mood will be emphasized. Also take into consideration the time of day, how high the volume should be, and what overall tempo will compliment your party guests. The whole point of setting the music mood is to capture the atmosphere of your party and your guests. If the group is quiet and mellow, try some jazz, slow electronica, or even some great old acoustic classics.

Another important ingredient of a good playlist is to make sure all songs will appeal to everyone at some level. Remember, if you have guests of varying ages, make sure you mix in some oldies but goodies along with some contemporary tunes. Try some modern remixes of older songs. These remixes always seem to help bridge the musical divide between different generations.

Tip #2: Don’t Be Afraid To Mix Different Styles of Music

Remember that variety is not only the spice of life, it is also a really good thing. So think variety when you are putting your playlist together; don’t be afraid to add a little spice. Professional D.J.’s use musical variety to create tension and resolution within a playlist. By combining slow songs with fast songs, and oldies with current pop hits, you will keep your guests entertained. One of the best ways to create variety is spread out all of your music and don’t play multiple songs with similar styles in a row. For example, don’t play nine rap songs in a row before switching to six country/Western songs. Keep people surprised.

Tip #3: Create a general theme

One of the best ways to engage your audience is to create a good musical theme. A good theme can be the repetition of a specific word or place. For example, songs with the word “California” in them. Another theme can be the music from a particular year. The possibilities are endless. However, one of the most important rules for creating a musical theme is to align the event or party mood with the theme. Surf music themes work great for summer parties, and a spring party should be include a theme that is upbeat and happy. Winter parties would work well with holiday tunes, or even solo piano music.

Tip #4: Make Harsh Edits

A cleverly designed playlist is like a well-crafted essay: plan on making lots of edits! Never assume your playlist is ready for playing the minute to put it together. Listen to it a few times, and pay attention to the personality of the songs, how they intermix, and imagine how people will react as they listen to your playlist. If you don’t feel confident about a particular song, take it out.

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While Children’s Birthday Parties Evolve, R.T. Clown Continues to be the Go-To Source for Unique and Customized Family Fun

R.T. Clown Inc. has been planning events throughout Southern California since 1985. In those 32 years, R.T. Clown Inc. has become the go-to source for professional event and party planning, providing expert help on conceptualizing, coordinating, and executing just about any kind of event imaginable.

In fact, since its founding, R.T. Clown Inc. has successfully coordinated more than 35,000 individual events ranging from formal holiday parties at the Jonathon Club to customized events for Westfield Shopping malls. However, the heart and soul of R.T. Clown continues to be coordinating elegant events and parties for children.

“We basically were the first real company in Los Angeles who specialized in children’s parties. I like to say that I am the Godmother of children birthday parties,” said Robin Charin, CEO of R.T. Clown Inc. “Back in the day, children’s parties were very straight forward, and fun. We know how to provide parents, children, and guests a great time and lots of laughs. We once did a party at Barbara Streisand’s house, and created the perfect party for her guests, including the most beautiful princess performer they had ever seen. It was very professional and lots of fun,” said Robin.

These days, however, Robin explains that some children’s parties have become too extravagant and too stressful for parents.

“Look, don’t get me wrong, we can do any size kids party imaginable, provided there is the budget. But I think these over-the-top parties are getting out of control,” said Robin.

Robin is not alone in this thinking. According to William Doherty, Ph.D., a social science professor at the University of Minnesota, over-the-top birthday parties have become a major social stress for many parents. In fact, he has launched a new website, birthdayswithoutpressure.org, in order to provide parents a platform to ratchet down the expectations surrounding children parties. He said it is just plain wrong for parents to spend more than $35,000 on a party for a seven year old.

R.T. Clown believes that children’s parties can be planned and executed within a reasonable budget, while still including unique games, costumed characters, and goodie bags full of fun. The key, according to Robin, is to follow some basic ground rules.

To help families plan for their next kid shindig, Robin encourages parents to follow these basic guidelines, before calling in a professional party planning firm as R.T. Clown.

Start with the Food:

Children’s parties are always enhanced with a small, simple meal. Think pizza or small sandwiches, anything that can be turned into special party food by cutting it into star-shaped or heart-shaped pieces. Also, make sure you are aware of any food allergies your guest might have, and typically avoid service nuts (including peanut butter) because many children have allergic reactions to this food.



Plan Weeks Ahead of Time

No doubt about it, planning is the key to success when it comes to hosting a children’s party. Plan what party food the kids are going to eat, what party games they will be playing, and what kind of goodie bags you want the guest to take home. A good way to being the planning process is to start collecting party stuff at least four weeks before the big day, and keep it in a plastic tub so you can access it when the party arrives.

Create a Good Guestlist

Remember, big parties for little ones are not always best. Some parents get caught up inviting every friend their child has ever known. This can be a big mistake because in many cases, children’s friends change repeatedly each year. However, experts advise that if the child has a really good friend (i.e. BFF), make sure to include their “partner in crime” to their party. Also, a good rule of thumb to follow is to include only guests that are the same age as your child plus one year, once your child is aged three and over.

If you are planning party games, a clever strategy is to make sure you invite an even number of children so no one is left out.

Let the Games Begin!

Remember, some of the best games for children’s parties are the old-fashioned ones, especially for young children. Think, pin the tail on the donkey and musical chairs for four-year olds. Six-year-old kids love a good game of treasure hunt or even hitting a piñata. Also, this is a great age to include a simple magician for your party.

What’s the Best Time ?

The best time for a children’s party is during the weekend, so both children and parents can attend together. If you are planning a Sunday party, remember that some people attend church in the morning.

Depending on whether you are planning to serve food or just go directly to cake, picking the time of day can be important. If you will providing food, start the party between 11 – 12:30 or 5:00 and 6:30.

Do You Know the legend of how St. Nicholas Became Santa Claus?

It’s impossible to accurately trace the history of how the legend of Santa Claus was born. However, because R.T. Clown Inc. has been helping companies, clubs, and private parties celebrate the legend of Santa Claus for more than 30 years, we thought it might be an interesting idea to trace the origin of exactly how the legend of Santa Clause came to life.

Santa Claus was a Greek Bishop

By most accounts, the original image of Santa Clause evolved out of a well-known Bishop from the Greek Orthodox Church, around the 4th Century A.D. Bishop Nickolas lived in an area called Myra, an ancient Greek town that today is in the Antalya Province of Turkey. It was a fertile region right on the Myros River near the Aegean Sea. The story goes that Bishop Nickolas (later canonized as St. Nicholas) was a wealthy man after inheriting lots of money from his parents after they died. However, instead of taking his wealth to selfishly travel the world, or attend countless parties, or even fraternize with endless numbers of women, St. Nicholas used his money to build a reputation for helping the poor and giving secret gifts to people who needed them.

Stockings and Gifts from the Chimney

The stories of St. Nicholas slowly grew, as did the myths and legends surrounding his name. So, truthfully we will never know just what exactly is true or not. However, there is one famous story of how St. Nicholas helped create the custom of hanging stockings in order to get presents.

The story goes that basically there was a poor man who had three daughters. Since he was poor, he couldn’t afford a dowry, preventing his oldest daughter from getting married. So one night, old man Nicholas secretly dropped a bag of gold down the chimney, which happened to fall into a pair of wet stockings that were drying by the fire. The pattern repeated itself down the line through all of the daughters. The miracle of presents placed in stocking near the fire grew, and before long, everyone in the small town was hanging stockings to receive a gift.

From Bishop Nicholas to Saint Nicholas

Bishop Nicholas’ kindness became legendary, and eventually the church named him the saint of the old, poor, children, and sailors.

Unfortunately, the Greek Emperor Diocletian exiled St. Nicholas was exiled from Myra, and later put in prison where he died. To this day, one really knows when he died, but many believe it was the December 6th. Even now, this day is considered St. Nicholas feast day in Greece, and in the Italian port of Bari, sailors still carry his statue from the Cathedral out to sea, so that he can bless the waters and so give them safe voyages throughout the year.

From Saint Nicholas to Santa Claus

The legend of Saint Nicholas faded throughout the Dark Ages, but during the Renaissance (1300 – 1700), northern Europe again picked up the legend and combined it with presents for children that celebrated Christmas. Instead of Saint Nicholas, he became known as ‘Father Christmas’ or ‘Old Man Christmas’, and morphed into an old character from stories and plays people had heard during the Middle Ages. Depending on what country or region you are talking about, the name for this character changed. In France, for example, the character was known as ‘Père Nöel’. In parts of Austria and Germany, the mysterious present-giver became known as ‘Christkind’, a blond haired baby with wings, who symbolized Jesus.

By the time this character –whether mythical or historical, arrived to the United States, his name had evolved into ‘Kris Kringle’ (apparently a derivation from the name Christkind). Later, Dutch settlers in the USA took the old stories of St. Nicholas with them and Kris Kringle and St Nicholas became ‘Sinterklaas’ or as we now say, ‘Santa Claus!

Wardrobe Suggestions for Your Next Office Holiday Event

The days are getting shorter and evenings are getting colder. That can only mean one thing: holiday party season is just around the corner. R.T. Clown Inc. has been planning and executing holiday parties for more than 30 years, from casual to black-tie formal. To help you plan and coordinate your wardrobe for any upcoming holiday party or event, R.T. Clown Inc. has put together a quick tip sheet and a few guidelines when planning to attend your next holiday event.

Casual Dress Guidelines:

The good news about a casual office party is that it provides guests a wide scope of dress options, especially here in California. However, remember casual doesn’t mean sandals and shorts either, so to help you kick “casual” up a notch, add a couple of these add-ons to your attire.

Suggestions for Men: Wear a pair of Khakis or dark jeans, with a button down shirt. A simple polo shirt or tennis sweater would also work well. For shoes, you can go with anything from leather loafers to a cool pair of Converse tennis shoes.

Suggestions for Women: A casually-dressed affair can be a great place to pull out your denim. Jeans are some of the most versatile and comfortable clothes, and are easy to dress up or dress down. A great way to add a little style to denim is to dress up your denim with a cropped for fitted blazer and your favorite pair of pumps.

Business Casual Dress Guidelines:

Business casual is basically the same as casual, except with a little bit more conservative flair and business-like attitude.

Suggestions for Men: Business casual calls for dress pants or khakis with a collared shirt and a jacket or even that classic blue blazer. Of course, you could always wear a necktie as well, some cool holiday themed socks.

Suggestions for Women: The business casual attire for women really calls for a pair of dress pants with a blouse or a skirt and top combination of some kind. Accessories should be simple like a conservative watch, classic bracelet and modest earrings. A simple handbag would also work.

Cocktail Event Dress Guidelines:

Remember, a cocktail party signals elegance and fun! Think dressed up but not formal.

Suggestions for Men: A nice collared shirt, dress pants, and sport coat or jacket is a solid bet for men. One of the ways to dress up this straight-forward style is to find a shirt with a bolder color than normal, or even a bright pattern. If you have a holiday themed tie or socks, go ahead and throw those into the mix as well.

Suggestions for Women: Go of ahead and pull out a nice pair dress pants with a blouse. You could also pull out that little black dress, with a pair of heels, and some sparkle or even fur. A great rule of thumb to follow is to not wear something you wouldn’t want your boss to see you in.

Semi-Formal Event Dress Guidelines: (Black Tie Optional):

The semi-formal event is somewhere between a black tie and business casual, depending on the event’s location or time of day.

Suggestions for Men: For any semi-formal event, men should wear a nice business suit with tie and dress shoes. To add a little class or even holiday theme, add a pocket square.

Suggestions for Women: Knee length dress or skirt, blouse and skirt combination, or that little black dress. Add a necklace or sparkly clutch to up the holiday ante.

Black Tie Event Guidelines:

This is the top of the line when it comes to events, so go all out with your most elegant evening attire.

Suggestions for Men: Tuxedo

For Women: Floor length evening gown, heels, and lots of shiny jewelry.

Try One of Our Authentic Tarot Card Readers for Your Next Special Event

R.T. Clown Inc. has coordinated magical evenings and special events for groups of all sizes and budgets. One of our most popular specialty acts is our professional Tarot card reader, Ginny McMath. Over the years, R.T. Clown has found that Tarot card readers are a great way to add an atmosphere of excitement and mystery to any event while also providing a great interactive and memorable experience for guests of all ages. In many cases, Tarot card reading is something many guests have never seen before.

According to R.T. Clown Inc.’s Company Director, Robin Charin, party Tarot card work is a real specialty.

“The Tarot card performance requires a gifted reader and also must possess the special talent of an entertainer. A charismatic presence, a great sense of humor, a great attitude, and the ability to engage the crowd,” said Robin. “Ginny McMath is exactly this kind of Tarot card performer.”

Ginny McMath, Professional Tarot Card Reader

Ginny has worked with R.T. Clown for 17 years, and has been a serious performer for most of her life. But when it comes to reading the Tarot cards, she loves to see the authentic smiles and feel the genuine happiness from her clients. One of the reasons Ginny is such a popular addition to parties is that she resonates positivity whenever she reads Tarot.

“When reading, I never project negativity, and I never make predictions about the three D’s: death, divorce, or diagnosis. I believe in positive energy. I try and show people how to perceive a situation in a positive light, and help them follow that path. I try to help them alter the way they look at a situation, while also promoting a positive path, the most successful path, bringing them back into your perfect flow,” said Ginny.

Ginny has performed Tarot card readings for many celebrities. Here are just a couple:

  • Marianne Williamson
  • Aerosmith band members
  • Francis Fisher
  • The Ellen Show Production Team
  • Fred Willard
  • Joanne Worley

Ginny Answers Commonly Asked Questions

Are Tarot Card Readings Appropriate for Teens?

We perform readings at parties for kids, teens, and young adults. Some great occasions that work really well for Tarot Card readings are for birthday parties, Sweet Sixteen parties, and graduation celebrations.  I have a very special approach when reading for young people that focuses on character, talents and future possibilities. By helping our young ones acknowledge their own uniqueness, I want to open up the window through which they look at themselves and their own future.

Is Including a Tarot Card Reader a good idea for Our Party?

Tarot card readings have always been popular, but it seems that lately Tarot card readings are becoming even more popular. In my experience, Tarot card readings are equally popular with both men and women, regardless of age. The truth is, no matter what other kind of entertainment you have, the Tarot card reading will almost always be the most popular event.

What does a Tarot Card Reader Need to Perform?

You need to provide each Tarot card reader a medium-sized table and 2 or 3 chairs. Three chairs, instead of just two, will allow a couple guests to get a reading together and be both seated. Chairs without arms are recommended, and I can normally decorate the table. I like to sit at the table, and as guests arrive, they spot me sitting, and their interest is piqued. Sometimes guests run right up to me and get a reading, others people like to wait a little to get their nerves up. Either way, everyone loves my Tarot readings, and everyone will remember the experience with fondness.

How long are the readings?

In a large party situation, I keep the readings short, light and positive, usually about six minutes per person. This gives everyone else a chance to try, to get a taste of Tarot! I tell the truth of what I see in the cards, but I always leave guests feeling happy and uplifted combined with a good story! If you are planning a smaller, more intimate gathering, I can do longer reads which allows for more depth and insight.

Here Are Five Cool Los Angeles Restaurants to Consider for Your Next Fall Event

As a leading event planning firm in Los Angeles, R.T. Clown Inc. tries to keep on top of new and exciting places within our great city.  From Manhattan Beach to Korea Town, and from Sherman Oaks to Downtown, Los Angeles is a truly amazing place, full of diversity and eclectic lifestyles.  To help you zero in on some of Los Angeles’ best dining locations (both old and new), R.T. Clown Inc. has put together a list of Los Angeles restaurants that serve great food, provide amazing ambiance, and should be considered for your next event or corporate party.

Cassia – Santa Monica

Husband and wife, Kim and Bryant Ng have partnered to create one of Santa Monica’s hottest new restaurants. The feel of the restaurant is amazing: large and open without feeling like you’re sitting at a formal State dinner table.  With a private dining area, outside patio seating, and a wine room, Cassia is a great place to host a party or even company event. The cuisine is a tip-of-the-hat to Bryant Ng’s upbringing, with flavors of Vietnam and French culinary influences.

Rose-Café Restaurant –Venice Beach

There is nothing more iconic that this classic Venice Beach restaurant! One of the things about the Rose is that it is one of the most flexible restaurants around. If you want breakfast, no problem; lunch and dinner, yep they can do that too. In addition, the restaurant is well known for its homemade pastries and outstanding wine selection. The Rose also fits the bill when it comes to a great event spot because of its sprawling space, indoor and outdoor dining space, with a great patio and complete beer garden.

Hatchet Hall – Culver City

This Culver City restaurant is really an ode to great Southern cooking – pure American cuisine that is made from local ingredients, often acquired through local farmers.  This is a great place for events as it has an expansive floor plan, and a great old school bar, called the Old Man Bar, that is tucked behind the main dining room. Culver City is also a great city to enjoy an event.

A.O.C. – West Los Angeles

Just a couple of blocks east of Robertson Boulevard on West Third Street you will find the A.O.C. restaurant. This classic Los Angeles restaurant has been called an icon by food critic Johnathan Gold, and should be visited by every Angelino at least once a year. With one of the most pleasant patio spaces in town, and ample seating inside, the A.O.C. is a great place for corporate events or a small gathering of friends.

Broken Spanish – Downtown Los Angeles

This restaurant is located on Flower Street just steps away from Downtown LA Live, the Broken Spanish restaurant is a great creative take on Mexican-American cuisine that oozes Los Angeles culture and a great ambiance. Broken Spanish is the grown up restaurant this area desperately needed. Order the chicharron and some of the wonderful blue corn tortillas, and invite your office or social club to visit this Los Angeles gem.

Every Brand Name There Is A Story. Here’s the Story behind R.T. Clown

There are many ways to create a name around a great brand. Sometimes it can be simple blind luck, other times a name can be derived from a product’s functionality, still some brand names are created from a clever hidden meaning.

Walt Disney, Michael Bloomberg, John Deere, and Frank Mars built billion dollar companies with great ideas and pretty straight forward company monikers – the name they were born with. Other company’s took a more creative approach to their company names. For example, 3M was named for a shorter version of the Minnesota Mineral Mining Company; 7-11 was originally called U-Tote’m, until the company expanded its hours to 7 a.m. until 11 p.m. R.T. Clown Inc., a Manhattan Beach company that specializes in holiday events and children’s parties, also has a unique story behind its name.

What Is R.T. Clown?

R.T. Clown Inc. was started by Robin Charin in 1985. Back then, Robin had left Boston University and Boston Conservatory to perform on Broadway and musical theater. Her theatrical life brought her across the county where she continued her performing career. However, having a hard time making ends meet, Robin accepted a position with an entertainment company in the San Fernando Valley where she coordinated children’s birthday parties. Quickly recognizing she could do a better job of finding clients, and organizing memorable special events, Robin launched her own company, R.T. Clown. This new venture helped pave the way for a new niche market for children’s birthday parties and specialty entertainment. She was a sole proprietor, and her only costume was a clown outfit. So, after a little thinking, Robin the Clown became “R.T. Clown Inc.”

The Company Continues to Grow

From a single, colorful clown, Robin quickly grew her business into a full-scale event production company that as the ability to meet just about every unusual request for entertainment from a comedic magician to a high-rise tightrope artist!  Since opening R.T. Clown in 1985, Robin has produced more than 35,000 special events and parties. She has also formed a deep network of professional actors and performers whom she can regularly call upon to perform at everything from a children’s birthday party to a large corporate holiday party.

Impressive List of Clients

Her list of clients is also impressive, including Hollywood stars like Barbara Streisand and Tobey Maguire, Selma Hayek, and prestigious corporations as United and Delta Airlines, the Ritz-Carlton hotels, Westfield Shopping Centers, and The Jonathan Club.

Five of Our Favorite Venues with Great Views for Your Next Special Event

Whether you’re planning a special birthday party or a large holiday themed event, there’s nothing like a breathtaking view to create a festive, fun, and refreshing atmosphere for your attendees. R.T. Clown Inc. has organized and planned special events at some of Los Angeles’ most spectacular locations. From rugged coastlines to expansive cityscapes, finding unique and picturesque locations can be a valuable addition to you special holiday party.

To help you narrow down your options for special venues with great views, we have created a list of some of R.T. Clown’s favorite special event venues that include fabulous views!

#1: The Queen Mary, Long Beach

This spectacular, historic ocean cruise liner has 80,000 square feet of awesome banquet and meeting space that is couched in 14 distinctive Art Deco salons with gorgeous wood and hand-painted murals. The great thing about the Queen Mary for special events is that it provides a super authentic historical backdrop that guests love and can’t find any other place. The Queen Mary is also incredibly flexible, seating up to 2,500 people or as few as 30!

#2: Dodgers Stadium – Chavez Ravine

Dodger Stadium is such a treasured Los Angeles Landmark, the third oldest baseball stadium in the MLB, and the perfect setting for a special event.

The stadium is an amazing setting for events, capturing the energy of fun and festive. The field opens its doors for intimate and large groups alike during non-game days. Dodger stadium is also available year round, so it is a great location to consider for your next event. This unique venue also has several different event locations throughout the park, including:

  • The Stadium Club
  • Lexus Dugout Club
  • Hollywood Event Suite
  • Ketel One Baseline Clubs
  • Top of the Park, Right and Left Field Plazas, and even the iconic infield itself.

#3: The Terranea Resort

The Terranea Resort sits on a cliff on the Palos Verdes Peninsula, and features 60,000 square feet of state-of-the-art indoor meeting and event space. One of the unique aspects about this location is that it was formerly Marineland Aquatic Park, original home to Shamu the killer whale. The property still has the Marineland Ballroom, the Palos Verdes Grand Ballroom, and fifteen breakout rooms and three boardrooms. There is also 75,000 square feet of outdoor event space that is highlighted by breathtaking ocean views. From arrival to departure, any event guest will be captivated by this extraordinary environment.

#4: The Ronald Reagan Presidential Library

The Ronald Reagan Presidential Library is not only one of the beautiful backdrops for any event, it also sits on top of a majestic hill that overlooks amazing views of Southern California’s western landscape. The property has lots of meeting space, including rooms and outdoor venues for up to 1,500 guests. The other cool thing about the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library is that it has recently added the Air Force One Pavilion that includes the actual 747 airplane as part of the scenery. Combine this space with the Ambassador’s Terrace and the outdoor plaza, and you would be hard pressed to find a more dramatic location for your next indoor/outdoor corporate or holiday event.

#5: South Park Center

Located in the South Park district of Downtown Los Angeles, the South Park Center (formerly called AT&T Center) is a 32-story skyscraper with lots of event space for just about any meeting or special event. The 32nd floor is a panoramic penthouse suite with jaw-dropping views of the city that makes an amazing place for corporate events. The property fully equipped 500-seat theater, which is great for corporate events, dinners or meetings.

Follow These Four Tips When Hiring an Event Management Company

R.T. Clown has been a leading Southern California event production company since 1985, and since then, has successfully planned, coordinated, and produced more than 35,000 special events ranging from corporate holiday events to large children’s parties. So it’s safe to say that we know how complicated organizing special events can be.  To help you get it right, R.T. Clown Inc. insists on following these four important tips next time you are at the center of organizing a special event.


Event planning requires a real love for meticulous organization and passion for making people smile! There is nothing worse than having an event appear disorganized and even worse, people with bad attitudes in charge. Therefore, we recommend that you look for an event planning company that is passionate about what they do. You can see this passion by interviewing the event production company, talking to them on the phone, or even reviewing a portfolio or photographic evidence of previous successful events.


There is nothing better than a well-organized event management firm. Making sure you hire a firm that knows how to nail down details and create a tight timeline is essential. However, no matter how organized an event planning firm is, unexpected situations will always arise. The famous Murphy’s Law states that things will go wrong at some point, so hiring an event management firm that has great flexibility to respond to adverse situations. So when you are interviewing a potential event management company to organize your next event, make sure you ask them to discuss a previous client or an event where they had to perform under pressure, and had to adapt to difficult or unforeseen events.


One of the best ways to hire an event planner is to research the company, with special attention to community reputation and length of time in business. R.T. Clown, for example has been in business for more than 30 years, and has an outstanding reputation among performers, clients, and businesses throughout Southern California.


While it may not always possible to meet a potential event planner in person, it can be an important key to creating a successful event, whether a holiday party or special children’s event. There’s something very powerful about creating a rapport with an event planner, and listening to their ideas. By meeting them in person, you can also get a sense of their passion and professionalism as well.

R.T. Clown Provides Five Tips for Hosting a Dodgers World Series Party

R.T. Clown Inc. has been planning, coordinating and executing special events, corporate parties, and holiday extravaganzas for more than 30 years. In fact, R.T. Clown Inc. is credited with spearheading more than 35,000 events since it started, so we know a thing or two about parties. However, one party we have been waiting a long time to organize, and that’s a Dodger World Series party! To help you celebrate America’s pastime, and get into the spirit of the World Series, follow these five tips for throwing your own Los Angeles Dodgers World Series Baseball party!

Tip #1: Planning is Everything

Since the World Series is a best-of-seven competition, it’s critical to determine exactly what game day you will be celebrating. For example, do you want to kick off the Series with a party, or do you want to wait until game four when it could be all tied up and the game on the line! Once you nail down the timing, plan on getting your invitations out quick! These can be send through either snail mail, email or even hand delivered. But because there are so many possibilities for great baseball themed invitations, take some time to create something original and fun!

Tip #2: Get Your Hot Dogs, Peanuts, and Popcorn, Here!

If you’re going to host a Dodger World Series party, you have to get the menu right! After all, food and drinks have been a part of the baseball tradition since the first game was played between the Cleveland Forest Cities and Ft. Wayne Kekiongas on May 4, 1871. So some of the necessary items will have to include:

  • Hot dogs
  • Popcorn
  • Pretzels
  • Lemonade
  • Peanuts
  • Beer
  • Cracker Jack

Tip #3: Set the Stage With Decorations:

Any great party will include some decorations. Find some old pendant flags, patriotic streamers, and even some baseball posters to hang on the walls. Also, make sure you ask people who are attending your party to wear their favorite baseball jerseys and ball caps.

Tip #4: Welcome Your Guests with Gusto:

One of the best strategies for kick-starting a good party, is to create a welcoming sign of some kind. Since it’s a World Series party, try hanging a sign on your front door that says something like “Welcome Baseball Fans” or something like that. It just helps set the stage for a great

Tip #5: Plan for Downtime

Baseball is considered one of the slowest paced sports in the world. As a matter of fact, it is also one of the only team sports that doesn’t have a time limit or clock to regulate the pace of the game. So plan on downtime during your party. To take advantage of these long commercial breaks, pitching changes, and brouhaha’s, make sure to have a baseball and glove handy to create an impromptu game of catch or even a little game of pickle.

A Brief Look at the Origin of Halloween

Ahh…cooler nights, falling leaves, and pumpkins on the porch. These are all dead giveaways that it’s Halloween time! Of course, R.T. Clown Inc. has been helping corporations and private residents celebrate Halloween since 1985, so we know a thing or two about the occasion. These days, just about everyone associates Halloween with costumes, candy, and children who yell, “Trick or treat!” But Halloween’s roots reach much further into history than many people realize.

Roots in Really Old Europe

Actually, Halloween has its roots in ancient European history. According to many historians, Halloween started as a part of the ancient Celtic festival of “Samhain” which celebrated the end of harvest, and the beginning of the “darker part of the year.” Part of the Samhain festival included people lighting bonfires and wearing costumes to ward off evil and ghosts.

The festival also had religious significance, as people burned fruits, vegetables, grain, and possibly animals as offerings to the gods. These ancient Samhain festivals began to evolve into magical times, when important battles were fought and mystical fairies cast spells. It was a time when the natural world and the supernatural world were interlinked. Many Celts even believed that during the Samhain festival, the dead could walk among the living. Even today, many historians believe that Halloween’s association with scary creatures, food, and curses began with these pagan customs more than 2,000 years ago.

Halloween in the Anno Domini

As Christianity gained hold in the eight century A.D., Pope Gregory III designated November 1 as a time to honor all saints, and included some of the traditions of the Samhain festival. Eventually, this became known as All Hallows Eve, and later Halloween. The evening before was a day of trick-or-treating, dressing up in costumes, and carving jack-o-lanterns. The tradition grew around the world, and soon Halloween became synonymous with shorter days and colder nights, and of course gatherings, costumes and sweet treats.

Halloween and R.T. Clown

Today, Halloween is a big deal at R.T. Clown. If fact, we have successfully coordinated more than 35,000 events since the company was founded. Because R.T. Clown has a full roster of professional entertainers and actors to call on, the company can create great Halloween fun. Want to add some magicians, musicians, jugglers, unicyclists, caricaturists, psychics, animal acts, and fire eaters? Just give R.T. Clown a call.

Selena Quintanilla Honored with Google Caricature Doodle

R.T. Clown Inc. has produced more than 35,000 special events since its founding in 1985, and one of the firm’s most popular event attractions is the use of a professional caricature artist. This form of art, the artists draws a portrait of a person, exaggerating some personal characteristic or oversimplifying other characteristics. This October, Google went to the art form to honor deceased Mexican-American pop star, Selena Quintanilla. Selena released her first album in 1989, nearly thirty years ago, and Google is paying tribute to the artist, while also honoring National Hispanic Heritage Month.

Believe it or not, Selena would have been 47 years old next year. She started performing when she was 9, being the frontwoman for her family-musical group, Selena y Los Dinos. Before she knew it, Selena rose to become the brightest star in “Tejano” music, a blend of Mexican and Texas American musical genres. Selena won a Grammy Award in the Mexican/American album category in 1993, bringing two countries together with songs as “Bidi Bidi Bom Bom”, “La Carcacha”, and “El Chico del Apartamento”. In 1995, the singer, dancer, songwriter was eventually shot to death by the president of her fan club.

Google also created a video tribute to celebrate the former artist. We think it’s big news, and worth a look.

Tuesday Tip Day

Three Common Event Themes That Cut Through the Clutter

Let’s face it, we live in a world that is saturated with stimulation. If it’s not Twitter feeds bombarding us, then it’s Facebook posts that need liking, or instant messages that require replies. The result of all this instant communication is that people have become numb to more traditional stimulation. Things like color, sound, or even smell have become diluted sensations. Creating special events that aim to entertain, engage, or enhance have become very difficult to create. Even if you have great talent performing, or a dynamic speaker projecting, modern audiences want an experience that’s memorable and engaging.

One way to make your event stand out is by choosing a creative event theme. For better or for worse, your theme sets the tone for your whole event and directs many of your planning decisions. Get it right and your event will feel like a breath of fresh air.

What are the qualities of unique event themes?

A unique event theme doesn’t necessarily have to be something never done before. The key to making event themes work is to use ingenuity and creativity to transport your audience through a “time tunnel”, and take them by surprise. Here are three common event themes to get your juices flowing.

Theme #1: Wild Wild West

The Wild Wild West theme is a great theme that will appeal to just about every male. However, a well done Western theme can also appeal to women as well. Consider these event elements to bring out your Wild Wild West Event theme:


  • Hay bales
  • Western-style bar
  • Western jail set for photos
  • Saloon with swinging doors.


  • Gun slingers
  • Lariat performer
  • Whip performer
  • Knife throwing expert

Food and Beverage:

  • Barbeque
  • Hamburgers
  • Biscuits
  • Baked Beans
  • Fresh Pie

Theme #2: South of the Border

South of the Border events are great for kids and adults, especially if they’re held in states that border Mexico! There is a lot of tradition and family-oriented fun in Mexican themed events. There are also opportunities for great food and music.


  • Create a small bridge over a makeshift Rio Grande River
  • Bright yellow lighting inside the entrance
  • Carts with vendors in Mexican attire selling novelties, baskets, handicrafts, etc.
  • Female mariachi or male mariachi cutouts that can be used as backdrops for photos


  • Mariachi muscians
  • Flamenco and folk dancers
  • Folk artists
  • Teach the Macarena or the Mexican Hat Dance and have a contest to see who the best dancer is
  • Hang a bull piñata

Food and Beverage:

  • Tacos
  • Fajitas
  • guacamole
  • tamales
  • margaritas

Theme #3: Horary for Hollywood

A Hollywood themed event is great for anyone living around or within Hollywood. It appeals to just about any age, from little kids to older adults.


  • Have a sign announcing “The Hollywood Palladium”
  • Red carpet with rope and stanchion on either side
  • Movie set props like directors’ chairs, cameras, lights, etc.
  • Look alike performers portraying famous movie stars



  • A small group of young male and female fans screaming as guest arrive
  • A video camera set up for “screen tests” of favorite movie lines
  • Photo area for dressed up guests to have their photo taken
  • Create a “walk of stars” with certain guests’ names emblazoned on the stars
  • Create a small awards show with miniature “Oscar” awards.


Food and Beverage:

  • Cognac-Marinated Beef Tenderloin Sandwiches with Horseradish Cream
  • Marinated Shrimp
  • Mixed Vegetable Salad
  • Classic Dry Martini
  • Old-Fashioned
  • Pineapple Margarita

R.T. Clown Inc.’s CEO Robin Charin Recognized as One of Los Angeles’ Most Inspirational Women Business Leaders by Los Angeles Business Journal

R.T. Clown Inc.’s CEO Robin Charin Recognized as One of Los Angeles’ Most Inspirational Women Business Leaders by Los Angeles Business Journal

Robin Charin, CEO of Manhattan Beach’s R.T. Clown Inc., was recently recognized as one of Los Angeles’ most inspirational women business leaders by The Los Angeles Business Journal. The nomination was part of the newspaper’s 2017 Women’s Summit & Awards event, and was held at the JW Marriott Los Angeles.

According to Los Angeles Business Journal CEO and Publisher, Anna Magzanyan, this year’s event was the 25th anniversary of the annual ceremony that honors dynamic and successful business women throughout Los Angeles County.

“It was an uplifting and inspirational event that honored Los Angeles-based women who really lead by example. All of the nominees successfully blend effective business vision with a passionate commitment to positively making a difference, both in the world of business and in the communities they serve,” said Magzanyan.

According to Magzanyan, more than 100 prestigious women nominees were submitted for the honor by Los Angeles Business Journal readers.

“It was a tremendous honor to be nominated. I started my business back in 1985 as a single woman because I knew I could run an event planning business better than others I saw in business. I was also broke, so I borrowed $1,000 from my father, and bought a clown outfit and Care Bear costume. I paid him back within one month from my profits. The business took off immediately,” said Robin.

Robin, who started her career as a Broadway musical performer and actress, thoroughly understood the business of entertainment and Hollywood. She forged a deep network of professional actors and performers whom she could regularly call upon to perform at events that ranged from children’s birthday parties to large office holiday parties. Her list of clientele is also impressive, including Hollywood stars as Barbara Streisand and Tobey Maguire, and prestigious corporations like United and Delta Airlines, the Ritz-Carlton and Marriott International hotels. Robin also carved out a unique niche as the go-to source for real-bearded Santas.

Being recognized as one of Los Angeles’ most successful woman business entrepreneurs was a nice honor, but Robin thinks the award represents something bigger.

“Starting a business is hard enough, but to create a company within the male-dominated entertainment industry is especially difficult. I think all women-owned businesses are special, and I think I am fortunate that I moved west to a city and state that encouraged and supported women-owned businesses,” said Robin.

According to the US Census Bureau, California has more than one million women-owned businesses, including nearly 450,000 in Los Angeles County. In Los Angeles alone, women-owned businesses employ 393,400 people and contribute $85.3 billion to the economy.

“Being recognized as a professional woman entrepreneur by the Los Angeles Business Journal really helped me take a step back, and think about my business. I’ve been doing this for 32 years, produced more than 35,000 events since I started. Not bad for actress-singer who moved well,” said Robin.